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How Small We Are

I think that it’s absolutely fascinating to think and learn about the vast size and scale of the universe. Everybody’s been told that their problems aren’t important in the grand scheme of things and while getting a C on a test might ruin your day, your life probably isn’t going to change course because of it. But it is absolutely fascinating to me to take this a few steps further.

Expanding your view exponentially to everything going wrong right now in the city you live in changes the relevant discussion from a bad grade to something like the amount of debt that Nashville is in, a topic that my roommate and I just randomly discussed. Expanding your view again to the country you’re in or even the entire planet can make your life feel entirely irrelevant and unimportant. While in the grand scheme of things, you’re still just a speck of dust on a planet that is even tiny compared to other planets in our solar system as in the graphic below, you cannot lose sight of the meaning of your individual life. That said, the universe is so much bigger than even our solar system so we’re likely even smaller than we had initially thought.


Thank you for reading my musings on how unimportant we each are in the grand scheme of things. I hope it wasn’t too overwhelming.


4 thoughts on “How Small We Are

  1. Hey Nick! I also wrote about how small we are in the grand scheme of things. I was initially disturbed by this realization that my life means nothing compared to the rest of the Universe, but your sentiment about losing sight of our individual lives really comforted me. When we compare our existences to that of other humans, we are still special.

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  2. Another thought is that one thing that the astronauts all comment on is how from space, there are no geographic boundaries. We are all united as Earthlings on our little speck of a planet! Thank you for your post!

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  3. Hey Nick, I think this topic is extremly important, especially during the time of crisis our world currently faces. Though many people are suffering on a personal level, those who are more fortunate must be thankful to be safe and healthy and think about how there are many in much worse circumstances all around the world. On a grander scheme, the Earth will sustain this catastrophe and continue to evolve its status as just a spec amongst the universe.

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