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Erosion and Tectonics Shaping the Planet

We all live on a planet that is billions of years old that has undergone billions of years of pressure, shifting and erosion, shaping it into what it looks like today. The movement of plates is not significant on a human timeline, but has still be the cause of so much movement over millions ofContinue reading “Erosion and Tectonics Shaping the Planet”

Spacecraft in the Solar System

Something that has truly always interested me is the question of what happens to spacecraft after they are done with their mission. Obviously they float through space but who knows what really happens to each individual craft? Is there a rover that was once patrolling Mars that has made it past Pluto? It’s fascinating thatContinue reading “Spacecraft in the Solar System”

Breaking Ground in the Seventeenth Century

I have always found it interesting to think about what life would have looked like when famous and accomplished scientists like Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei made some of their groundbreaking discoveries that changed the world. Nowadays there are millions of people working on research and discovery and we, as a planet, seem to haveContinue reading “Breaking Ground in the Seventeenth Century”

How Small We Are

I think that it’s absolutely fascinating to think and learn about the vast size and scale of the universe. Everybody’s been told that their problems aren’t important in the grand scheme of things and while getting a C on a test might ruin your day, your life probably isn’t going to change course because ofContinue reading “How Small We Are”